For The Love of Formulas

Feb 28, 2024

For The Love of Formulas

Welcome back to The ARKIVE's by ARKIVE Headcare, your ultimate destination for all things hair, hacks and Headcare made for healthier & happier heads.  

Today we’re emphasising what makes us unique here at ARKIVE - our beautifully and uniquely fragranced formulas that elevate our Headcare experience. We not only bring style to your hair but also a caring touch to your head. With hands to head and head to hands, ARKIVE seeks to create moments of reconnection through our daily routines, fostering a deeper sense of well-being.

Because at ARKIVE, we believe in not only creating amazing hair but also in making a positive difference in how you feel about yourself.

The Heart of ARKIVE Headcare

At the core of ARKIVE's formulations lies a commitment to universal love and care. Our approach transcends traditional hair care norms, focusing on the holistic approaches to promoting overall head health.

Our formulations are meticulously crafted with your well-being in mind, extending beyond the surface. Every element of our formulas is thoughtfully chosen, from nourishing ingredients to harmoniously blended fragrances, with the intention of creating an optimal environment for hair growth and overall well-being.

ARKIVE is about fostering moments of reconnection, self-care, and an uplifting journey for your head and heart. In each formula, you'll find a reflection of our commitment to your hair and your well-being. 

Nourishing Ingredients for Healthy Scalp & Hair

It’s no secret that our meticulously crafted and loving formulas are enriched with key Headcare ingredients. Let's dive into our formulations and explore how each element is carefully chosen to promote not only healthy hair but also a thriving scalp:

For moisturising and hydrating:

Baobab Oil - At the forefront of ARKIVE's loving formulas is Baobab Oil, a powerhouse for adding moisture and shine to your locks. This natural ingredient deeply nourishes the scalp and hair, leaving it hydrated while imparting a radiant shine to your hair.

Aloe Vera – Aloe takes centre stage for its soothing properties. Deeply hydrating, it not only nurtures the scalp but also offers a calming touch for a truly indulgent Headcare experience.

Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil is a hero in providing both shine and moisture. It's a versatile powerhouse ingredient that enhances the overall health and appearance of your hair.

Jojoba Esters - To rescue a dehydrated scalp, Jojoba Esters bring much-needed moisture, ensuring your head feels rejuvenated and nourished.

Sweet Almond Oil – A hair care ingredient classic, works its magic by softening and moisturising your hair, leaving it silky and irresistibly touchable.

Polysaccharide Blend –  The Polysaccharide Blend in our formulas works harmoniously to distribute moisture throughout the deeper layers of the scalp, ensuring a well-hydrated and balanced environment.

Betaine – Nature's humectant, Betaine, works wonders by improving shine and optimising scalp moisture. A humectant is like a moisture magnet for your skin or hair. It's a substance that attracts and retains moisture from the air, helping to keep things hydrated. Imagine it as a friendly sponge that draws in water, keeping your skin or hair moisturised and preventing dryness. It ensures that your hair receives the hydration it deserves.

Panthenol – Finally, Panthenol steals the spotlight by providing long-lasting moisture to your hair. It not only hydrates but also helps thicken and improve shine for a radiant finish.

Strengthening and Resilience:

Baobab Protein – If you already know and love ARKIVE you may have already spotted that our formulations feature Baobab Protein, working wonders for hair resilience. It increases strength and elasticity, providing a shield against damage and reducing frizz for a smoother, more manageable mane.

Cleansing and Exfoliating:

Glycolipids – As a sugar-based cleansing agent, Glycolipids ensure a gentle yet effective removal of dirt and build-up, leaving your scalp refreshed.

Bromelain – Derived from pineapple, Bromelain lends its enzyme power for gentle exfoliation. It aids in removing dead skin and dirt, creating a clean canvas for hair growth.

Lactic Acid – An AHA powerhouse, Lactic Acid plays a vital role in exfoliating and renewing the skin on your scalp, ensuring a refreshed and revitalised Headspace.

Succinic Acid – Succinic Acid is the secret behind becoming flake-free. It exfoliates gently, helping to remove flakes and promote a healthier scalp.

Enhancing Shine:

Shea Butter – Shea Butter, a beloved natural ingredient, is the key to glossy, shiny and  supple hair. It leaves your locks with a lustrous shine and a touchable salon-worthy-softness that lasts.

Coconut Oil – Coconut Oil brings high shine and conditioning properties, adding a luxurious touch to your hair care routine.

Promoting Scalp Circulation:

Caffeine – Caffeine takes a spotlight role in promoting blood circulation in the scalp. This not only nurtures healthier follicles but also encourages robust hair growth.

Antioxidant and Sebum Control:

Rosebay Extract – this antioxidant-rich plant extract reduces sebum production and dandruff, contributing to a healthier scalp environment.

Mattifying and Oil Absorption:

Rice Starch and Kaolin - Rice Starch brings a soft touch and mattifying effect to the wax, while Kaolin, known for its oil-absorbing properties, ensures your hair stays fresh and vibrant.

Specific Hair Growth Stimulation:

Green Tea & Larch Tree Extract – This dynamic combination of Green Tea and Larch Tree Extract reactivates follicle stem cells, promoting hair growth and revitalising the very roots of your hair.

Fly-Away Taming and Hold:

Vegetable Wax – this natural wax brings hold to your hair and expertly tames fly-aways, ensuring your hair stays sleek and polished whatever your style.

The ARKIVE Scent Story 

Now, let’s get real about the stuff that smells great – ARKIVE’s awesome fragrances. We're talking about the scents that make your Headcare routine feel like a mini-vacation. Our fragrance game? Totally on point!

Now, it's not just about making your hair smell good (although that's a bonus). Fragrance is the secret sauce that turns your routine into a mood-lifting moment. You're not just washing your hair; you're treating yourself to a whole Headcare experience.

Why Does It Matter?

Ever wondered why your ARKIVE products smell so good? It's because our scents are carefully chosen with unique fragrance notes. Future Bloom? It’s like a fresh summer day, and No One Elsie? That's like a cosy hug straight from your grandma's greenhouse. Each scent is picked to make you feel something, to turn your Headcare into a moment of joy and reflection.

That’s just it – Headcare should be fun! We're all about increasing those feel good hormones during your routine. The fragrances aren’t just there; they're your companions on this hair-loving journey. 

Commitment to Ethics and Sustainability

At ARKIVE, we have an unwavering commitment to ethical sourcing and sustainable practices. Beyond the luscious locks we aim to provide, we are dedicated to making choices that uphold environmental responsibility and prioritise the welfare of those involved in the production process.

The journey of our ingredients matters as much as the end result. Ethical sourcing is a non-negotiable aspect of our approach. It involves ensuring that the cultivation and harvesting of our ingredients align with fair practices, respecting the livelihoods of those who contribute to our incredible formulations. It's a conscientious decision that reflects in every bottle.

Sustainable Practices as Standard:

Sustainability isn’t just a buzzword for us – it's a principle. Creating Headcare formulas is a responsibility that we take seriously.  We meticulously select ingredients that not only elevate your Headcare experience but also minimise the environmental impact. It's about fostering a sustainable relationship with nature, acknowledging that the choices we make today have repercussions for our planet's future.

Transparency and Integrity:

Openness is a cornerstone of ARKIVE's philosophy. We believe in complete transparency about the ingredients we use, their origins, and the reasons behind our choices. No secrets or hidden agendas. We want you to feel confident about the choices you make when selecting ARKIVE products.

The bottom line…

There you have it, a journey through the heart and soul of ARKIVE Headcare. We've peeled back the curtain to reveal the meticulous craftsmanship that goes into each bottle, creating a Headcare experience that’s more than skin deep. Our commitment to universal love and care is reflected in every formula, every ingredient, and every fragrant note. 

Now, it's your turn. We invite you to experience the love and care infused in ARKIVE's formulas for yourself. Dive into a world where every drop of product is a reminder that you deserve the best.

Ready for healthier heads and happier hair? Explore our product range [link], embrace the loving formulas, and elevate your Headcare routine to a whole new level. Your hair deserves it, and so do you.

Cheers to great hair, great formulations and even greater scents!  —