Headcare lies at the heart of what ARKIVE offers. In his journey, Adam has always been open about his own mental health, his struggles, and how he continues to overcome them.

ARKIVE's starting line-up brings style to your hair, and care for your head. Because beyond great hair, and creating great hair, our aim is to create a positive difference to how people feel about themselves. This is how we define 'Headcare'.

One of the most important aspects of our community is that we communicate with a mindset rather than an age or gender. We see ourselves as universal, genderful and all-inclusive.

Our products, and our community aim to give you the chance to tell your own story, helping you to find moments of respite to form your crucial sense of self and feel comfortable in your own skin.

Hands to head and head to hands, we can find moments of reconnection in our daily routines.