3 ways to make your style last longer

Jun 26, 2023

3 ways to make your style last longer

Close your eyes and cast your mind back to this morning (bare with us)...

If there was one thing you could remove from your morning beauty-routine what would it be? The tedious faff of washing, conditioning, combing and then finally blow-drying or styling your hair? HELL yes!

*Aint no-body got time for that*

That being said there’s nothing more depressing than your hair just looking a bit ‘meh’. Losing its volume, vigour and bounce and your hard earned style seemingly slipping away with each passing day isn't the type of great-hair-day you want. 

We see you!  

Who said having more time to spend in bed in the morning meant sacrificing your hairstyle goals?! We're here to let you in on a mid-week style pairing of dreams and our other favourite insider tips that will have your hair going from drab to fab without having to re-wash *praise-be to the hair gods*.

First up…

PRO TIP 1 | Embrace the shower cap life. 

Let’s be real, we know rocking a shower cap doesn't exactly scream ‘style’ but hear us out. If you’ve always skipped or dismissed this extra piece of hair maintenance equipment then you might want to have a rethink and say it with us: protect your style from moisture. 

You read that right.

If you’re really committed to keeping your style for as long as possible between washes you need to protect it from water. Always wearing a shower cap whether you’re showering or having a bath really helps to combat the main enemy of mid-week hair: frizz. 


Because even if your hair doesn't accidentally get wet from the water (which is an Olympic sport in itself) it can absorb it from the steam, downgrading your style instantly.  

PRO TIP 2 | Reach for dry shampoo but not when you think…

If, like us, you normally spritz on some dry shampoo just before you leave the house or first thing in the morning, it’s worth being a bit more organised. One of the most under-known facts about dry shampoo is that it truly shines as preventative to grease and grime build up. Making sure to add dry shampoo to your roots before your head hits the pillow means you’re likely to start the day with more voluminous ‘i-woke-up-like-this’ hair through less time and effort. An absolute win-win. 

Reach for ultra-fine THE RESET DRY SHAMPOO (£12) to cleanse and refresh the hair in an instant.   Rice starch and Baobab oil combine to absorb excess sebum (think: grease) without drying out your scalp. Remember a healthy scalp = healthy hair. This really is the ultimate deep-cleansing wonder when your hair needs a mid-week refresh. 

Simply hold 10cm away and spray directly into the roots for hair that needs the ultimate deep-cleanse. For lighter recovery missions (or to add a little texture) spray onto your tool before brushing it through from root to tip. 


PRO TIP 3 | Lock (& layer) in your style. 

If you’ve heard it once you’ve heard it a thousand times: failing to prepare is preparing to fail. Using incredible products and putting in the work to achieve a killer style means nothing if you’re not locking it in place. 

We want to ensure that we can hang on to the shape of our style remnants for as long as possible, as well as injecting some well-needed *oomphf* and shine. THE VEIL HAIRSPRAY (£13) is truly the belle-of-the-ball: she delivers a beautifully shiny yet almost undetectable veil of hold with no crispness in sight. Shake well before use either before or after heat application and mist evenly over the hair. 

There you have it! Our best PRO tips to achieving a longer lasting style between hair washes. 

Let us know what your favourite products are for an in-between-wash style emergency. We'd love to hear from you. 

Until next time—