Finding Joy on Blue Monday: Headcare Tips for a Happier You

Jan 12, 2024

Finding Joy on Blue Monday: Headcare Tips for a Happier You

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The post-holiday blues are real—and looking into a whole new year can feel a little bit ominous and overwhelming with all that looming potential.

So, today we're facing into it all with our Headcare first spin on Blue Monday! Yep, that infamous day that's supposed to be the Monday-est of all the Mondays.

Why? Because at ARKIVE, we see every bad day as a challenge to sprinkle a bit of joy, and Blue Monday is no exception. So, buckle up for a ride through the blues with our favourite tips and tricks to incorporate Headcare into your new year. 

Understanding Blue Monday: Decoding the Mood Dip

Now, let's take a little detour into the origins of Blue Monday (15th January). Drumroll, please... It's a concept that blends post-holiday gloom, erratic weather, dwindling motivation, the lingering shadow of those festive season bills and an overwhelming sense of ‘what now?’

Picture this: It's mid-January. The holiday cheer has made a swift exit, leaving us in the clutches of winter's chilly grasp. Add a pinch of financial stress from the recent gift-giving extravaganza, and you've got a concoction that can make even the peppiest among us feel a bit, well, blue.

The Impact on Mental Health: Navigating the January Funk

All positivity aside this time of year can culminate in a very real negative impact on our mental health. As we bid adieu to tinsel-decked halls and the constant hum of festive cheer, January welcomes us with open arms—or maybe a slightly frosty hug. The transition from the holiday high to the calm of the new year can feel like coming down from a sugar rush. The sparkle of decorations fades, the reality of routine sets in, and many of us find ourselves experiencing overwhelming amounts of sadness, lethargy and hopelessness along with a healthy dose of stress, leaving us in a state of emotional transition. 

This January funk can cast an intense shadow, making even the simplest tasks feel like climbing Mount Everest. Here's the silver lining: acknowledging these feelings is the first step toward shaking them off. 

The Importance of Addressing Mental Health

As we delve deeper into the complexities of January, it's crucial to address a topic close to our hearts – mental health.  Amidst Blue Monday and the broader challenges of January, taking a moment to tend to our mental well-being is an important part of giving ourselves the Headcare we deserve. By recognising the impact of these seasonal shifts on our mental landscape, we equip ourselves to navigate towards a brighter and more tranquil rest of the year. So, here are some practical steps for boosting your mood.

Practical Steps for Boosting Your Mood: Nurturing Your Inner Sunshine

Now that we've acknowledged the nuances of January and Blue Monday, let's dive into the heart of the matter – practical steps to illuminate your days. We asked the ARKIVE team to put together their best tips and tricks for helping to maintain a more positive outlook: 

Think of these as little beacons of joy, guiding you through the sometimes-overcast January skies.

  • Cocoon Yourself in Comfort: Instead of feeling the need to change yourself completely, opt for small, cosy moments that make you happy. This could be cooking wholesome meals or wrapping yourself in warmth, quite literally. Indulge in cosy blankets, sip on soothing teas, and revel in a good book. It’s all about small moments of self-care to contribute to a greater feeling of wellness, and finding comfort in simple pleasures that bring you joy. 
  • Nature's Embrace: Both Adam (ARKIVE’s Founder) and Lucy (our Social Media Exec) like to get outside in nature as much as possible. Whether it's a brisk walk in the park or a moment of serenity by a body of water, let nature be your companion. Connecting with the outside world can be grounding and revitalising. 
  • Feline Therapy: Consider El’s suggestion (ARKIVE’s Brand Manager) – the furry kind of therapy. She loves nothing more than cuddling up to her cat who offers both companionship and a dash of playfulness in order to lift her mood. Embrace yours, your friend’s, or your family’s furry friend to bring a dose of playfulness into your life.
  • New Adventures Await: Maisie (ARKIVE’s Assistant Brand Manager) encourages embracing new hobbies and experiences. Whether it's trying your hand at painting or exploring a new cuisine, these seemingly small adventures can spark true joy. Side note: scientifically trying new things or exploring new places is so good for your mental health because your brain is concentrating on learning new things or taking in new surroundings - its all about the art of distraction.
  • Holiday Dreams: Take a page from Amelia's book (ARKIVE’s Head of Brand) and plan a summer getaway to look forward to. Having a future exotic escape on the horizon can infuse your present with excitement. If that’s not possible or practical, treat yourself to a cinema trip to experience the same escapism without having to leave your seat. 
  • Rhythmic Brushstrokes: Follow ARKIVE founder Adam's lead and indulge in the rhythmic ritual of brushing – not just your hair, but your scalp and body. It's a tactile way to reconnect with yourself. Concentrate on your breathing in time with slow, deliberate brush strokes to integrate this moment of Headcare into your everyday. 
  • Seek out colour: Another Adam recommendation: Break away from the monotony. Step away from the typical dark and dreary winter colours and instead wear bright and colourful outfits with pride. It’s a simple way to inject vibrancy into your January days, or welcome in colour by reaching for a colouring book. Settle in, wind down and create something beautiful. 

These aren't just actions; they're small, deliberate choices to infuse your January, or any time you need some additional Headcare support, with warmth and positivity. It's these seemingly insignificant moments that collectively build the overall picture of  well-being.

The bottom line…

If you’re experiencing the emotional complexities of Blue Monday and the broader challenges of the New Year, remember, it's okay not to be okay. As we navigate these emotional landscapes, self-care is not a luxury but a necessity. In every challenge, there's an opportunity for positive change.

Now, it's your turn. Share your tips, experiences, and moments of triumph over January blues. Let's build a supportive community where our collective Headcare wisdom shines a light for others.

With love, resilience, and a touch of wintery sunshine,

ARKIVE Headcare.