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The Good Habit
Lizzie Alderman
The good habit

Wow 🤩, I love this product , amazing results , I’ve tried many similar products and nothing comes close 🙏😃, now to build on the rest of the range 😁

The Good Habit
Jane Burrows
A habit I won’t be breaking

A habit I wish I had found sooner! Initially concerned about the texture but on application it has transformed my hair which is coloured & highlighted & straightened into the swishy, silky hair I have always wanted.So happy & love the fragrance. Bought as a set with shampoo, conditioner & masque & not disappointed by any of them. Amazing. Thank you Adam

such great value!

I switched from olaplex to this and so glad i did, its much better value and my hair feels so much softer and healthier.


Honestly the best product, not only makes my hair cleaner it really helps me hold a style and the smell is divine!!!

Better than my previous products, let down by the ingredients of the shampoo.

Definitely better than the last products I used which were the L'Oréal Paris Elvive Colour Protect shampoo and conditioner. The only thing putting me off is the Yuka score of the shampoo which might explain the slight itch or irritation on my scalp sometimes. If it wasn’t for some of the ingredients that are responsible for the low score then I would be a customer for life because I only bought these products because they were supposedly free from nasty chemicals. I have sensitive skin and hair that seems to be getting worse so I have to be a lot more careful now than I did before and Yuka has been a good way to pre screen any products I am thinking of buying and so far it’s been right most of the time as the products that irritate me are also the ones that score badly. Unfortunately I bought these products before I found the app so I was disappointed to find such a bad score on the shampoo. The condition scores well though and I have definitely seen an improvement in my hair since starting Arkive products. My hair colour seems to last longer too but I’ve also switched shower head to a filter one which may also contribute but the Arkive products have definitely been better than my last ones and would probably score a 5 instead of a 4 if it wasn’t for the ingredients and the slight irritation which my last ones didn’t cause. They were just causing lower quality hair and texture but I am sensitive to a lot of things so it might be fine for others.

The Good Habit
Janet Abbey
Root-line scalp serum & blow dry spray

The serum has stopped me scratching my scalp which is amazing also the blow dry spray is excellent too

The Good Habit
Mrs Sandra Moreton
The Good Habit

Fantastic product

The Root-ine
Janet Abbey

The Root-ine

All Day Extra
Alexandra Turnock
Dry and easily tangling.

I was hoping I’d love these products, it definitely prolongs the time it take for my hair to get greasy but all through the ends feel dry and matted, I have to brush my hair numerous time through out the day for it to look ok. Will have to stop using.

The New Form
Jan Page
My Hair says No

I really wanted to love these highly recommended products, but my very fine hair does not like them at all. Gutted.

Worst Dry Shampoo I’ve Ever Used

Definitely not for greasy girlies. I was 1 day post-wash and used a good amount and it still had little-to-no effect. It does feel chalky despite the advertisements saying otherwise. It didn’t leave any white-cast but that’s about the only thing it actually did! Not worth the price at all. Batiste is queen when it comes to dry shampoo, even with its white-cast, chalkiness and drying effects, at least it does the job!

The Future Youth
Nadine Davey

Having seen these products on tik tok I thought I'd give them a try and to say I'm impressed is an understatement 😍😍

Love it!

Hi! Just tried one of your products -the blow dry spray and I LOVE it! My hair is never looked this great , soft ,shiny and bouncy. Even after being outside for 6 hours watching baseball games on a very windy day!  My question is..  can I get this in a different fragrance?  I didn’t seem to find the blow dry spray and the fragrance called future bloom. Am I just missing it on your site?

The Good Habit
Barbara Demmel
Not everything in the Package

I had to wait until now because it was stuck at the customs because not all the information was provided. Im looking forward to trying out the products but the Keep Shining that i bought wasnt in the package so I am quite dissapointed about that

The Headliner
Carol Mclelland
All products

Fantastic products. My hair has never been better

The Good Habit
Susanna Cotta

The Good Habit


Plsssssss come out with jumbo size plssssss

All Together Now
Hannah Perry-Brown
Fantastic as always!

Everytime I make a purchase I find a new product I cannot live without, haha! Im trying to collect them all now!

Can't get past the smell

The smell is so medicinal. So strong. I don't want this in my hair.

I really like the product effect initially, however it doesn't seem to last long. Maybe just my hair. The spray bottle is light and it smells lovely. It wouldn't be a hardship to pop in your bag and spray again later if needed.

All Day Extra
Bev gell
Fantastic products

Going through menopause I was looking for something to give my hair some life and boy did this work. My hair feels alive again, more body, shine and bounce! Well done Arkive, amazing products!

The Reset
Veronica Dignan

So lovely to use and the smell is so nice

This is so good for anti-frizz and smells divine!

I love this stuff

I have very dry, brittle, fine wavy hair. I've been using this cream for a couple of weeks now and I love it. It's very lightweight, is moisturising and doesn't weigh my hair down at all. I use it on wet hair along with the mousse which is also lovely and I also use it on dry hair to refresh, make my hair a little piecey, get rid of the frizz and just add some much needed moisture. I'm so pleased that I found this product and will definitely purchase again.

The Reset
Shona Farquhar

The reset spray is the best dry shampoo I have ever used, it leaves no white residue at all and it smells amazing, I can't recommend it enough.