Scalp Scrub: The Hidden Key to Enviable Hair

Aug 23, 2023

Scalp Scrub: The Hidden Key to Enviable Hair

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In this comprehensive guide, we'll unveil the benefits of scalp scrubs—the key to creating a great foundation, and achieving healthy, radiant hair! The significance of haircare is everywhere, so you’ve no doubt heard of scalp scrubs but do you know the ins and outs of how to use them, and the advantages of including them in your Headcare routine? Whether you’re a devotee or a total scalp scrub novice, this blog post is for you. 

We’ll delve into the incredible benefits of scalp scrubs, what they are and how to use them. Get ready to elevate your haircare routine, let’s dive in!

What are Scalp Scrubs?

Scalp scrubs are the ultimate secret to keeping a rejuvenated scalp and enviable locks. These exfoliating treatments are specially designed to cleanse and nourish the scalp by removing impurities, product build-up, and dead skin cells. By creating a clean and balanced scalp environment, scalp scrubs promote healthy hair growth and leave your tresses looking and feeling their absolute best.

What Are The Benefits of Scalp Scrubs?

Now, when you hear the word scrub you’d be forgiven for thinking that scalps scrubs are just about exfoliation but you’d be wrong! Scalp scrubs offer a plethora of happy-hair benefits:

1. Encourages Hair Growth

A healthy scalp is the foundation for hair growth. There, we’ve said it! Scalp scrubs work their magic by stimulating blood circulation and promoting a clean, nourished scalp environment. This encourages your hair follicles to thrive, leading to stronger, longer, and more voluminous hair. 

2. Increases Hair Strength & Elasticity

Speaking of stronger and longer hair: strong and elastic hair is less prone to breakage and damage. Scalp scrubs dramatically help to improve scalp health, which in turn enhances hair strength and elasticity. Read: less time between salon visits and inching closer to your long, strong hair goals one treatment at a time.

3. Restores Natural Shine

Say goodbye to dull, lacklustre hair. By removing all that build up of product gunk, impurities and excess oil, scalp scrubs will allow your hair's natural shine to take centre stage. 

How to Use Scalp Scrubs

Ok so you’re convinced. Now we can show you how simple it is to start using a scalp scrub. Incorporating a scalp scrub into your existing Headcare routine is a breeze when you follow these simple steps:

· Wet Your Hair: Start by thoroughly wetting your hair to prepare it for the scrub application, the same way you would ahead of shampooing in your usual wash routine.

· Apply the Scrub: Take a generous amount of scalp scrub and gently massage it into your scalp using circular motions. Focus on areas where you tend to experience dryness or product buildup. Top Tip: when using ARKIVE’s The Crown Scalp Scrub, you can use the tube applicator to apply the scrub directly onto your scalp by parting your hair in sections, and applying all over your head.

· Rinse Thoroughly: After massaging the scrub into your scalp, rinse your hair thoroughly to remove all traces of the scrub.

· Follow with Your Cleansing Favourites: Complete your Headcare routine with your preferred shampoo and conditioner to maintain your scalp's newfound vitality.

How Often Should You Use a Scalp Scrub?

Determining the frequency of scalp scrub usage depends on your individual hair and scalp needs. For most people, using a scalp scrub once a week is sufficient to keep the scalp clean and refreshed. However, if you have an oily scalp or experience frequent product buildup, you may benefit from using the scrub twice a week. Conversely, if you have a sensitive scalp or fine hair, using the scrub every two weeks might be more suitable. Just like your skincare routine, it’s unique to you! 

Scalp Scrub for Different Hair Types

Speaking of unique to you, each hair type has its own needs when it comes to scalp scrubs. It’s important to explore how to use scalp scrubs effectively depending on your hair type: 

Scalp Scrub for Normal Hair: 

If you consider yourself as having ‘normal’ hair, you can use a scalp scrub as a preventive measure to maintain a healthy scalp and promote overall hair health. A weekly scalp scrub can help remove impurities and nourish your scalp, keeping your locks looking their best.

Scalp Scrub for Oily Hair: 

For those of you with oily hair, a scalp scrub can be an absolute game-changer. Regular use of a scalp scrub can help combat excess oil production and keep your scalp feeling fresh and clean. We’d recommend a twice a week scalp treat. 

Scalp Scrub for Dry Hair:

If you have dry hair, it’s important to choose a scalp scrub that is gentle and moisturising. Look for scrubs infused with hydrating ingredients like coconut oil or aloe vera to nourish and soothe your scalp.

Scalp Scrub for Curly Hair: 

Curly hair tends to be more prone to dryness and frizz. A scalp scrub for this hair type can help balance the scalp's natural oils and create an ideal environment for healthy curls to thrive.

The bottom line…

Scalp scrubs are a haircare essential that can transform the health and appearance of your hair. By removing impurities, promoting hair growth, and restoring shine, scalp scrubs are the key to unlocking your hair's full potential. Don't wait to experience the magic of scalp scrubs—incorporate them into your haircare routine and enjoy the radiance of healthy, happy, shiny head of hair.

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