Is *this* the secret to the perfect blowout?

Jul 17, 2023

Is *this* the secret to the perfect blowout?

There’s just nothing quite like the incredible feeling of a great blow-dry, are we right?!

All that bounce, volume and megawatt shine (first step: blow-dry, next step: world domination)! Achieving that same #bossvibes effect at home can be a little more challenging and whilst recreating a professional blow-dry at home isn't easy, it’s definitely possible to achieve incredible-hair-days from home. 


If you’ve been searching for how to achieve the ultimate blow dry from home we’ve got your back. Here are our favourite tips that we’ve learned over the years that will help you on your quest. 

PRO Tip 1: It’s all in the mindset. 

First up, a cautionary tale of realistic expectations. We’re sure we don’t need to tell you that blow-drying your hair requires patience and perseverance. If you have long or thick hair (or both!) you should know that achieving the perfect blow dry is NOT a quick 10 minute job. It can realistically take 40 minutes from start to finish but trust us it’s so worth your time and energy to enjoy beautiful hair for days! 

PRO Tip 2: Your equipment counts. 

Your Hairdryer:

If you’ve previously discarded the nozzle on your hairdryer, now's the time to fish it out of whatever drawer it’s currently languishing in. We always recommend using a nozzle when you blow-dry because it speeds up the drying time whilst maintaining a perfectly smooth finish. 

When it comes to the hairdryer itself you’ll ideally be using one with multiple heat and air settings. Remember: heat = damage. The ultimate blow-dry requires considered placement of heat.  Medium heat is best for pre-drying your hair because it saves you a lot of time, while high heat manipulates the shape. 

Whether you want to style loose waves, or perfectly straight locks, the heat will help you to achieve your desired look. Without forgetting the cold setting which sets your style, locking it in and giving a beautiful shine to the hair.

Your brush.

The brush of choice: round. We’re all about practical, time saving tips here at ARKIVE: a round brush allows you to create waves, but it also polishes, smoothes and even straightens the hair without the need to get out yet another tool. The bigger the surface area of the brush, the faster the drying time! 

PRO Tip 3: Invest in the right product.

Like with so many things to achieve a fab-hair-result, using the right products is key. Without them, you won’t get far and all your hard work will disappear within minutes or overnight. Products play a huge role in achieving the perfect blow-dry. Read that again! 

Truthfully we’ve got a match made in heaven here at ARKIVE. Together they form part of our heavy-weight style MVPs, let’s meet them…

First up, create your own hair story with our heat-activated primer. Yes, you read that right, THE PROLOGUE HAIR PRIMER coats each strand before styling and prepares it to take on any shape or style. Simply apply to freshly washed, damp hair from root to tip and blow dry to activate. Long-hold style prep. Mission accomplished. 

Next up is the NEW FORM BLOW DRY SPRAY. It's lightweight but packs a serious punch and there's not many styles that this blow dry spray can't handle. Deliberately formulated with Baobab Protein for increased strength, elasticity and hair resilience along with Panthenol for delivering long lasting moisture to thicken and improve shine - that’s what we like to call and win, win!  Think: long-lasting form without weighing your hair down. 

As always, we didn't come to play and we hope you loved our insider tips on how to achieve the perfect blow dry that other people aren’t talking about. Share this post with a friend who needs the intel too! 

Until next time -