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Our ultra-fine dry shampoo cleanses and refreshes hair instantly. With rice starch to absorb excess sebum and baobab oil to soften the scalp...don't be scared, this is just to make sure your scalp stays nourished. This is the ultimate deep-cleansing wonder for when your hair needs a refresh.
Smells like No One Elsie.
Hair freshner
Soft on scalp
Your brushable buddy

“Your hair prolonging saviour for when you don’t have the time (or energy) for a full-blown wash day ritual.”

- Adam Reed, ARKIVE Founder



Using the reset dry shampoo

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Smells like

No one elsie

Named after Adam’s Grandmother, takes inspiration from her greenhouse - the safe space of his childhood...

Customer Reviews

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Life changing...?

I have fine, thin hair that really needs washing every day so for the past few years, I have relied on dry shampoo to make that second day less unbearable (both in appearance and how it feels). In the past I used another popular aerosol dry shampoo which left a white cast, then a more expensive powder formation and I would routinely spray/dust it into my hair at night on the first day of washing and then in the following morning as well, rubbing it in. Both left my hair heavy, kind of crispy, and clearly full of product but just about manageable if I put my hair up and didn't touch it.

This, however, is a game changer. The miracle of dry shampoos. There is no white cast AND if I spray it into my clean hair the night before (down the part, down each side) and tie it lightly with a scrunchie, I wake up and my hair is soft and NOT GREASY looking. It doesn't feel or look dirty to me, and I'm hyper sensitive to it. I'm genuinely astonished.

I've written this after using it a few times (just to check it wasn't some kind of hair fluke). I could honestly wear my hair down on the second day, it's so good. No other dry shampoo has achieved this for me.

I've made no other change to my hair routine.

(I like the scent, btw. It's quite strong, and different, and I can imagine not to everyone's taste.)

Worst product ever

Was excited to try this product as had been recommended online and was cheaper than my normal dry shampoo. Not only does it smell horrendous but I feel like it does absolutely nothing. It has no white cast, which is good for people with darker hair, but it made me feel like there was no product actually on my hair. It didn’t soak up any oils and honestly I feel like it made my hair way greasier. The Amika perk up dry shampoo is way better and smells sensational if you’re comfortable with spending a bit more.

Katerina Koscheeva

The Reset

Aqeela Wazir
Nice smelling dry shampoo

But leaves hair itch when the product in hair

Lucy Tulley
Best dry shampoo ever!

I purchased this after seeing it on TikTok and I'm so glad I did! It makes my hair look amazing and it smells great too. So pleased and have repurchased!!