The Prologue Hair Primer

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Create your own story with our heat-activated primer. This formula will envelop and protect your hair before styling, readying your hair to take on any shape or size.

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“The heat-activated formula envelopes and protects your locks before styling, prepping your hair to take on any shape or size.”

- Adam Reed, ARKIVE Founder


Is the ALL DAY EVERYDAY DAY colour safe shampoo?
Is this a pregnancy safe shampoo?
What is THE PROLOGUE Hair Primer?
How to apply The Prologue?
Where in my routine should I use a hair primer?
Will THE PROLOGUE protect my hair from heat?
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Named after Adam’s Grandmother, takes inspiration from her greenhouse - the safe space of his childhood...

Customer Reviews

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I honestly cannot believe how good this is! I have dry coloured heat damaged hair that can look and feel like straw. I’ve used this twice now and the difference is unbelievable- my hair feels silky and the dry ends have gone. I’m so in love I’ve just purchased Arkive’s shampoo and conditioner to replace the Aveda ones I currently use.

Meredith Fisher
The Prologue

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A little over-perfumed but works well as a hair perfume when lightly misted.
Spray a lot on damp to dry hair and it can give you separation and texture.
Good product for heat protection before styling and as a prep for what you wish to apply after.

Charlotte stanton

Loving this primer, it’s so easy to use just a few pumps needed. Smells amazing and does such a great job. Reduces frizz and helps style hair perfectly. I won’t look back now this is my new hair primer.

A must try!

I don't usually use heat protectant sprays as I find that they make my hair greasy quite quickly- but the hair primer by Arkive is just what I need! It's non-greasy and leaves my hair silky smooth and frizz-free after styling and I've noticed my hair feeling much healthier too! I will continue to use this product :)